Welcome to The Greater Rift Co

Feel free to take a look around and enjoy all that we have to give.


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What is TGRCO?

The Greater Rift Company is a large community that began in Diablo 3 and provides a great place to group with players of equal power for bounties, rifts, and greater rifts. Non-Seasonal and Seasonal.

Clan/Community Rules
Clan/Community Leaders

How Active Is This Clan?

We have 7+ clans with an average of 30-60+ people online at any given time. It is a mix of Non-Seasonal and Seasonal. Active members will find grouping easier with our Discord Server. It is not required but strongly suggested.

How Do I Join?

It is easy, all you have to do is be on the America's Server on Diablo III and search for The Greater Rift Co and click join/request invite. And you can come chat with us on our Discord server.

Join Us On Discord

After you click "Join Us on Discord", be sure to click the button on top of Discord to claim your account so the next time you open Discord it will have TGRCO saved on the left..

Have a Steam Account?

Recently The Greater Rift Co has started spreading its wings to other games/platforms. We understand especially in the off season (down time from season to season) that players may want to play other games. Using the Steam community you can keep in touch with all Rift Co members during this period. Also, you may add <RiftCo> before your Steam name after joining the community!

Check out the Steam Community